Thursday, 12 September 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 12th September 2013 Written Update *Last Episode*

Megha and Mohan are in front of computer talking to Jiji. Jiji tells Mohan that it was her who first saw their dilchasp story. Jiji says she is talking about 2 years back. Jiji says there is no day when they don’t talk about him. Nanhi comes there and Mohan says this must be Nanhi. Nanhi recounts how she made a wish years back about how someone should come to fill their lives with happiness. Nanhi says that ever since he came their lives have been super happy. Nanhi cries and says that she misses him a lot. Nanhi says that this time she thought she lost him forever. Jiji asks them not to cry and says as long as they have hope there is nothing to worry about. Jiji says that she did not tell anything to Renu else she would have spread the whole news in the mohalla. Renu comes and says she knows already and already spread the news. Renu calls Mohan “Bhatnagar”. Renu calls him Laphanga. Mohan says this must be that item. Renu says she always knew he is a “laphanga” Renu says he must have surely chased a woman. Renu asks Mohan to come back so that they can fight. Renu asks him if he would go now that she is calling her. Renu, Jiji and Nanhi bid adieu. Mohan is emotional.
Mohan tells Megha that there is an entire family who loves him but… Megha asks him if he can remember anything. Mohan shakes his head. Mohan is helpless and hugs Megha. Mohan cries and Megha tries to soothe him. Mohan says love cannot be seen but only be felt. Megha says love is our only hope. Megha says love is near yet far but always with you. MM talk about two people being separate sharing the same soul.
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 11th September 2013 Written Update

RJ asks Megha why they are leaving Mohan behind. Megha says he will realize it himself and it was important for them to leave. Megha syas they can get Mohan next time. RJ says Mohan will come. Mohan running behind bus. RJ asks Megha if she doesn’t Mohan to live with them. RJ asks Megha if she loves Mohan a lot. Megha nods. Mohan still running(Tere iss ishq mein playing in BG) FB’s of MM shown.RJ sitting in the bus when she hears “aye aedi”. RJ tells Megha that she feels someone called her aedi. Megha hears “aye Mother India”. Megha says she heard something as well. Mohan is riding a cycle next to the bus. Mohan asks the driver to stop the bus. Mohan gets on the bus and tells everyone to leave as he wants to talk to Megha.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 10th September 2013 Written Update

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 10th September 2013 Written Episode
Short Update!
Vasu reveals Aai plan and how she killed RJ’s mother and Vasu
Vasu rescued Mohan and soon Aai killed Vasu due to Vasu’s hatred for her.So she made Mohan Vasu and used him
Aai points the gun towards Meghan but Mohan removed the bullets and kept before
Police comes and takes Aai
Coming Up : Megha with RJ in bus and Bala informs Mohan that Megha – RJ left and went in the bus
Mohan runs after the bus.
Ending scene Vasu running after the bus

Precap – Mohan reaches the bus and tells Megha that we are incomplete without each other and both have a hug Embarrassed

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 9th September 2013 Written Update

Addu, Megha, Mohan, and Bala at the same spot from where Mohan fell. Addu recounts to Mohan as to how they were playing and how he took a promise from him(Mohan) to leave and not be a part of the family anymore. Addu recounts how he never understood him. Addu tells him how he was running to catch the ball and how he slipped. Addu tells Mohan that the cliff from where he fell was just like the one where they are at. Mohan tells Addu that he hates heights. Megha tells Addu to let Mohan be. Addu says if he doesn’t do it Mohan will never remember anything. Addu pushes Mohan off the cliff ROFL FB’s of Mohan falling off the cliff. Mohan is scared. Addu asks Mohan to remember the time when he fell off. Addu repeats Mohan’s dialogue of how no distance and person can separate him and Megha. Addu asks Mohan to remember as he is there. Mohan repeatedly asks Addu to pull him back. Megha asks Addu to come back.
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Friday, 6 September 2013

Na Bole Tum... Na Maine Kuch Kaha (Season 2) 6th September 2013 Video Watch Online

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Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 6th September 2013 Written Update

Megha walks into the room and finds Mohan dressed up as his former self. Megha is surprised. Megha imagines Mohan in the clothes he wore when he fell off. Megha has FB of her moments with Mohan. Mohan asks Megha if he used to dress up like this always. Mohan folds his sleeves and asks Megha if it looks ok. Megha pulls the sleeves and buttons his shirt up. Megha makes Mohan wear his spectacles.
Megha looks at Mohan and says Vasu. Mohan says “Mohan”. Mohan asks what if he doesn’t remember anything ever and what he always remains this way. Bala and Ruku come and are shocked to see Mohan all dressed up. Bala asks Mohan if he has seen his “Bhai”. Bala tells Mohan that he looks really good. Ruku tells Mohan that someone has come to meet him. Bala says their son has come. Mohan asks Megha why she didn’t tell him that they have a son as well. Megha says he is not worth being called a son. Megha says this is his(Addu) opportunity to make amends for his deeds. Megha says she will take Addu to a warehouse as it wouldn’t be right for Mohan and Addu to come face to face at home.
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 5th September 2013 Written Update

Megha challenges aayi & goes away. Mohan comes to aayi & feeds her & recalls what sridhar & mama said. Mohan coughs & aayi gives water & again starts feeding… but Mohan stops her. Aayi says that megha has started giving you food… she says megha is jealous of you. mohan says ya it’s very clear who is jealouse… I want to hear from you… who am I?? Mohan goes away from there.Bala & Rukku are putting lights in the house… & Bala starts flirting with Rukku. Bala asks which type of light you like… Rukku says I like the one which gives light to everyone… Mohan also comes & starts witnessing Rukku-bala romance… they feel little embarrassed… Bala comes near to mohan. Mohan says I came here to feed RJ… & RJ starts dreaming about meghan… megha is in full tapori mode & scolding mohan & Rj… & they all starts enjoying…
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 4th September 2013 Written Update

AAi is dressing Uncle’s wound. Her man comes and tells her that he could not run Megha over as Vasu came in between.Mohan still lost in Sridhar’s words about Mohan falling from a cliff. Mohan realizes that he has fear of heights.Megha at home worried about RJ. Ruku comes and wipes her tears. Mohan comes there and says he is worried about Megha.Mohan walks up to Megha and says “Aye Sun Na” and asks her not to take tension. Mohan assures her that nothing will happen to their RJ. Mohan admits and he is her Mohan. Megha is happy. Megha gets up and is about to hug him when she stops herself. Megha turns around and wipes her tears. Megha is happy. Mohan asks her if he can her something. Mohan asks who else there at home besides RJ. Megha says Nanhi, Jiji, Guru, Tanu, Aarti and Renu Bhabhi. Megha tells him that everyone thinks of him all the time. Mohan goes and leans on a door and tells Megha that he doesn’t remember anyone. Mohan says he doesn’t know who Jiji, Guru, Tanu are. Mohan says it is very tough being Mohan. Megha asks him if she can hold his hand. Megha holds her hand out and Mohan puts his hand on hers. Megha and Mohan hold hands. Mohan holds Megha’s hand to his heart with his eyes closed. Megha looks expectantly at him and he shakes his head. Megha wipes his tears and tells him that he will remember everything. Megha says she will help him.
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Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 3rd September 2013 Written Update

Aai introduces RJ to Naina. Megha thinks to herself what she should tell RJ as she herself is not sure if Naina is the real Naina or not. Aai tells RJ that if she is alive today it is because of Naina. Aai says if Naina had not left her that day she wouldn’t have been alive. Aai tells RJ that very few are lucky to get such a good mother. Naina showers love on RJ and pretends to be happy.Ruku and her mother tell Sridhar that they are stepping out. Uncle assures them to go as he would look after Sridhar. Uncle closes the door. Uncle tells Sridhar that his family is a bigger bunch of fools than him. Uncle says they left him alone when Aai has asked him to kill him. Uncle tells Sridhar that he was warned to keep his nose out. Uncle tells Sridhar that he is a goner now.
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Monday, 2 September 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Naina tells everyone how she used to live with her father and brother in Manor. Megha tries to question Naina again but Vasu shouts at her and asks her to get out of their house. Aai is relieved. Megha hands the letter back to Naina and leaves. Uncle warns Megha not to come between Vasu and Aai again. Megha leaves.
Vasu hugs Aai and apologizes to her.
Megha is walking on the road when Vasu stops her. Naina is with Vasu. Vasu says this is last time he is doing something for her. Vasu tells her that Naina is the person she wanted to meet and hence she is here. Vasu says from this day on their paths are separate. Naina tells Megha that she wants to meet RJ right away. Megha says she needs time to make RJ understand. Megha says she will bring RJ to her asap. Naina says she will wait for them. Vasu thanks Naina for coming.
Megha walks away when Vasu holds her hand and pulls her towards him. Megha hair comes undone. Megha and Vasu stare at each other. Megha pulls her away from Vasu’s shoulder. Vasu pulls Megha closer and asks her if she won’t congratulate him as it is marriage. Vasu asks if she has any more questions. Vasu says he is ready for all her questions. Vasu asks Megha never to show her face again and walks away. While walking away Vasu cries.

Megha wipes her tears and wonders if life is taking her back to tears.
Pooja going on and Aai does aarti for Ruku & Vasu. Vasu does aarti. Throughout the aarti Aai and Naina give sly looks to each other. Through FB we are told that Aai paid Naina to act.

Megha is folding her clothes when RJ asks her why she is folding clothes. Megha tells her that they are going back to Indore. RJ goes outside and starts ringing the bell but Vasu doesn’t hear as the aarti is going on. Megha comes and takes RJ away. Aarti comes to an end at Aai’s house.

Megha and RJ come to Aai’s house but is stopped at the door and refused entry because of Aai’s orders. RJ looks through the window and Sridhar motions to her something. RJ threaten’s the guards with Vasu’s name saying that she would complain to Vasu. RJ leaves and guards go after her. Megha doens’nt know what to do. Sridhar calls out to Megha and asks her to come in. Sridhar asks Megha not to worry as he asked RJ to make the guards go away. Sridhar tells Megha that he has something to tell her. Megha asks him how he is and how it all happened. Sridhar says it is perhaps fate that wants him to tell the truth to her. Sridhar tells Megha that Vasu is her MOHAN!!!

RJ runs into Aai. Aai scolds the guards not to mistreat a kid. Aai asks the guards to leave.
Sridhar tells Megha that Vasu came to the chawl two years back just after Mohan’s death. Sridhar says there is nothing known about Vasu before 2 years back. Sridhar says he has proof that Mohan’s identity has been surpassed to build Vasu’s identity. Megha says she knows that Vasu is Mohan and everything has been done by Aai. Megha says until Vasu remembers everything they cannot do anything as he takes Aai’s word for everything. Sridhar is about to say something when Aai comes in and asks him to be careful while walking. Aai says she got Ruku and her would be SIL. Vasu touches Sridhar’s feet. Ruku asks Sridhar how he met with an accident. Even Vasu asks him to speak up. Aai puts her hands around RJ’s neck, Sridhar and Megha notice it. Aai encourages Sridhar to speak up. Sridhar says that he doesn’t know how it all happened. Aai tells RJ that she has a gift for her. RJ says she wants to stay with Vasu. Vasu asks Aai to let RJ be. Aai asks Vasu if RJ shouldn’t be united with her mother. RJ is shocked.

RJ asks Megha what is happening. Aai tells RJ that maybe Megha doesn’t want her to meet her real mother. Aai asks Megha to come with her. Megha goes with Aai & RJ.
Fake Naina is wondering in what soup Aai has landed her into. Naina says she didn’t even want to get married and now she has to put up with a kid. Naina wonders how to address kids. Naina takes out a bottle of glycerin hoping that would help her. Aai comes with RJ and announces to Naina that she has got her daughter. Megha wonders what to tell RJ as she is not sure that this is the real Naina Bhonsle. Aai introduce Naina to RJ as her real mother. RJ is bewildered.

Precap: Uncle wonders to Sridhar how to kill him. Uncle says that perhaps he ought to slit his throat but that would land suspicion on. Uncle says that the easiest thing to do would be to stifle him with a pillow. Uncle takes a pillow and proceeds to stifle Sridhar. Sridhar tries to call out for help. Suddenly the door opens and it is Vasu with Ruku. Uncle is shocked.

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Friday, 30 August 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 30th August 2013 Written Update

Uncle asks Aai where her Vasu is. Aai says he will come. Uncle asks Aai why she is not tensed when there is so much happening. Uncle asks her to tell him what is going on in her mind. Aai asks Uncle to go involve himself in preparations. Ruku and her mother come. Ruku’s mother tells Aai that Ruku is ready to do whatever she wants. Aai tells Ruku that from this day on she is her daughter. Ruku tells her that she is also her father’s daughter. Ruku tells Aai that her father should do her kanyadaan. Aai tells that Uncle would do her kanyadan. Ruku asks Aai where her father is. Megha and Vasu come there. Vasu says he is fine and at home as Doctor is treating him. Aai asks them what happened to Sridhar. Vasu says he met with an accident and they found him on the road. Vasu tells Ruku to go meet her father. Aai stops Ruku and tells her that Vasu told her father is fine. Aai says today is her first pooja with Ruku. Vasu asks Ruku to go meet her father as things can wait. Aai asks Megha to leave. Vasu says Megha won’t leave as there are some answers they need.

Vasu asks Aai that she got him from Manor after his father died. Vasu says he doesn’t know how to read or write Marathi. Uncle scolds Vasu but Vasu just pushes him away. Vasu asks Aai if he is speaking the truth. Megha gives Naina’s letter and Vasu asks Aai what that is. Vasu asks Aai to speak up.
Ruku and her mother arrive home and are scared to Sridhar’s condition. The Dr. tells them that he fine as he was saved on time. Dr. tells them that he would recover soon and tells them to let Sridhar rest.  

Vasu says the letter says that I hate you(Aai) and won’t split my property with you. Vasu says his name is written on the letter and asks Aai what the letter is about. He asks Aai to speak. Aai takes the letter from Vasu and reads it. Aai asks him who told him that he wrote this letter. Vasu says his name is written on it. Aai asks him if it is his writing. Vasu says who is Naina Bhonsle and why he wrote a letter to her. Aai says Naina used to live in Ganesh Chawl and they had no connection with them. Megha has FB of Aai saying that she doesn’t know Naina. Aai says when they living in Mumbai didn’t know Naina then how would he living in Manor would know her. Megha questions Aai about lying to her about not knowing Naina. Aai says she lied as sometimes it is necessary to save a woman’s dignity. Aai recounts how 10 years back Naina was pregnant and how her husband was alcoholic and how she saved her from that man. Aai says how RJ is alive because of her. Aai asks Vasu if she can ever be wrong. Aai says she got Vasu from Manor and not Mohan Bhatnagar. Aai tells Megha that her husband is dead and it does not mean that she can steal a son from her mother. Aai tells Megha not to forget that his mother would stand in front of her and that that any problem would have to pass through her before it touches Vasu. Aai says she chose Ruku as she knows Ruku can even give up her life for him. Aai if something happens to her Ruku would be there to take care of him.
 Bala comes there and has FB of being hit. Aai comes there and apologizes to Bala for hitting him. Aai says she hit him because of Megha. Aai asks Megha if she would any evidence in Manor. Aai says the truth is that Vasu is her son. Vasu is stumped and says he got confused because of the letter. Ruku comes there and Vasu asks what the Doctor said. Ruku says that he is still unconscious. Aai pretends to be sad as Sridhar went for her work. Vasu asks Megha if she is done with her questions. Megha says since Aai knows Naina she should call her here. Megha asks Aai where Naina is. Suddenly someone comes there and says she is Naina.

Aai pretends to be relieved and asks Naina to come and meet everyone. Aai says she herself called Naina. Aai asks Megha to ask whatever she wants. Megha has FB of RJ. Megha asks Naina if who wrote the letter which was written to her. Megha apologizes to her for opening the letter. Naina syas this letter was written to her but what is special about the letter. Megha says Vasu doesn’t know how to write Marathi then how did he write the letter to her. Megha points to Vasu. Naina says this letter has been written by Vasu but that Vasu is not this man. Vasu asks her what she means. Naina says this was written to her by her brother. Megha asks can there be two people with the same name living in Manor. Naina shows her brother’s picture to everyone. Aai asks Naina how she is. Aai asks Naina to tell the truth to Megha. Naina tells Megah that if she is alive it is because of Aai else her husband would have killed her. Naina says she had a daughter after some and she got tired of running around with a kid. Naina says she gave the kid away to an orphanage and came to know that the kid has been adopted by a rich man. Megha is confused and is about to question Naina when Vasu asks Megha to get out. Megha silently hands the letter to Naina and walks away.
 Precap: Voice over talks about Aai turning Megha’s doubts into nothing. Voice over asks what is the reality behind Vasu. Megha shown walking on the road when Vasu comes and asks her to stop.

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha 29th August 2013 Written Update

VAsu scolds Megha for dragging Aai into the mess just because she is trying to find her husband in him. Megha starts weeping and Vasu apologizes to her. Vasu says how would she feel if someone tried to separate her from RJ. Megha says she herself got RJ here to meet he real mother and if she was selfish she wouldn’t have gotten her here. Vasu is shocked. Megha tells him that Naina Bhonsle is RJ’s real mother.

Megha is sitting on a bench when Vasu comes there with a glass of water. Megha says for 12 years she and Mohan lived separately. Megha recounts how Mohan found RJ and named her Jaan. MEgha says she is now her life. Megha recounts how RJ asked for a birthday wish to meet her real mother. Megha says she couldn’t say no and that’s why they came there. Vasu praises her strength. Vasu says isn’t she scared that after meeting her mother RJ insists on staying back. Megha says Mohan used to say that those who love truly are never scared. Vasu says Mohan was solid and god wronged her by taking him away and that he should have stayed with her. Megha says Mohan is with her and near her in her thoughts, heart and basically everywhere. Vasu says it is evident and that Mohan must have been a solid man. Vasu asks Megha what now. Megha wonders if he is Vasu then who wrote to Naina. Vasu says there is some problem.

Aai’s goons drag Ruku and her mother to Vasu’s house. Aai says the wedding is next day and it would happen in the morning. Ruku asks Aai where her father is. Aai says he has gone for some work. Ruku tries to question her further but Aai threatens her to listen to her. Aai leaves. Ruku tells her mother that her father was right and that Megha was is a nice person and that they were wrong.

Vasu and Megha in the car. The car refuses to start and Vasu to goes to check. Vasu puts the hood of the car. Vasu tells Megha that they need to investigate Naina’s letter. Vasu says when he sees her face tensed up he cannot swallow. Vasu puts the hood down. Megha imagines Mohan standing and giving her a flying kiss. Megha imagines Mohan walking up to her and putting his hand on her face. Mohan asks why is there sadness on her face. Megha says because he is not there. Mohan says he is around her. Megha says but he is far. Mohan says love always takes tests. Megha says she cannot take it anymore. Megha says she wants to live with him. Mohan walks away and Megha wakes up from her reverie. Vasu comes to Megha and tells her that the water in the car is heated up. Vasu asks Megha is she would come with him.

Ruku wonders what is happening to them. Ruku says she loved Vasu with all her heart but she doesn’t feel this is correct. Ruku’s mother says she is worried for her father. Ruku’s mother says that they cannot doubt Aai just on Megha’s saying. Ruku says that Megha is not wrong. Uncle comes and taunts them for believing Megha. Uncle further says that he thinks that Vasu is actually Megha’s husband.
Megha and Vasu walking when Megha asks Vasu how he got injured. Vasu tells her that Aai told him it happened in a gang war. Vasu asks Megha if she wants to know anything more. Vasu knocks on someone’s door and asks for water. The lady who opens the door stares at Vasu intently. Vasu tells Megha not to be tensed. The lady brings the can of water back and asks Vasu how he is now. The lady says she saw him 2 years back in a very injured state. Vasu says he is fine and asks her if she didn’t recognize him. The lady is shocked and says you are Aai’s son Vasu. Megha asks the lady if she is hiding something. The lady says he is Vasu only and walks inside and closes the door. Megha & Vasu continue knocking the door. Megha says the lady won’t say anything they would have to investigate themselves. Vasu gets a call from Bala who asks him to come soon as there is a lot of problem. Uncle comes and hits Bala with a hockey stick. Vaasu continues calling out Bala’s name. Aai comes and takes Bala’s phone. Aai says no one would make any calls without her knowledge.

Bala regains consciousness and finds himself locked in a room. Bala is in pain and looks for his phone and finds it missing. Bala wonders how to call Vasu. Ruku comes there and Bala asks her if she is fine. Ruku asks him if he is fine. Ruku says that she mistreated him yet he loves him. Bala says three things happen to a man only once, life, death and love. Bala says he respects her love for Vasu and encourages her to marry Vasu. Bala says he won’t come in front of her. Bala says he just wants her father to back safely. Bala asks her to go else Aai would not leave her. Bala says he would wait for Vasu to come back.
Megha and Vasu are driving when Megah shouts for Vasu to stop. They show an injured Sridhar lying in the middle of the road. Megha and Vasu go to him. Megha tries to wake him and checks his pulse.

Precap: It is daytime and Megha is walking away from VAsu. Vasu pulls her back and her hair comes undone. Vasu and Megha get lost in each other.

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